We advocate using every available form of media to get your story out there for your clients, potential partners or future employers. Digital Marketing can be the easiest and most cost effective way to broadcast your message to the masses. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Keys to digital marketing:

  1. Be consistent. Your online profiles represent you and so you want to make sure you are consistent between the various platforms. This becomes especially critical if you are job hunting or looking for that next business opportunity. Those vetting you will check all resources available to them online so do not get caught sending mixed messages.
  2. Be constant. Followers will quickly fade fast if you are not staying current with your profile or messaging. Right or wrong it could give the perception that you are lazy, do not know what you are doing or do not care.
  3. Be connected. While the various digital marketing platforms each have their own uses, it can be beneficial to cross pollinate your links. A word of caution though, people do go to Twitter to Tweet and LinkedIn to network and to Facebook to well, whatever it is beneficial people on Facebook so so overlap is ok but do not pollute your streams.
  4. Be courteous. Courtesy counts and can go a long way towards expanding your message and building your brand. Thank people who retweet your work, connect or follow. Now I am not talking about those automated robotic reply messages, try to add a personal touch to your response. Your audience will appreciate it!
  5. Be professional. Remember this is the internet where information lives forever. Think twice before posting anything and ask yourself, what would your grandmother think if she saw it?