5 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn in Your Job Search


  1. Get recommendations from people you have worked with. Not your mom or your drinking buddy from college but people that can attest to your valueof your work.
  2. Keep your profile fresh. No one like stale bread or milk so why would they want to read the same info on your profile? Keeping your profile current with meaningful updates also increases the chances of getting eyeballs to your profile via updates posted to your followers.
  3. Join groups. There may be no better place to stay up-to-date with what is going on in your industry then by joining relevant groups. Be active, be heard and grow your connections.
  4. Let people know what your career aspirations are! LinkedIn is not just a place to post your resume. It should highlight work you are interested in.
  5. Complete your profile. You would not partially fill out a job application would you? Be sure to leverage every component of your profile.